Empowering Villages Centers (EVCs) are community-owned and operated facilities that provide socioeconomic and educational opportunity to people in the area it’s built.


Responding to local strengths and needs

Integrated with renewable energy developments on or off-grid, EVCs are meant to be practical, grassroots-initiated responses to community needs. In the early stages of engagement, Empowering Villages conducts village surveys to discover the highest priorities for optimal socioeconomic development and wellbeing.

Once these priorities are decided and approved by EV management, advisory board, and local leadership, then a community development strategy proposal, an EVC, is drawn up by the EV team. This proposal includes business plans, ownership structures, design of community facilities, budgets, timelines of implementation, and more (depending on the exact scope of the development). It is presented to donors, local representatives, and all other stakeholders as an agreement to partnership in the implementation of localised programs that increase the affordability of renewable energy access, economic empowerment, while retaining high value for environmental sustainability at all levels.


Community Centers

for gatherings and vocational training/educational programs

When considering what to include in the design of the EVC program, the following are taken into account:

  • Energy access and affordability

  • Productive use of electricity

  • Condition and basis of local economy

  • Access to educational facilities

  • Condition of the natural landscape and ecology

  • Support of stakeholders within the community


Empowering Villages Centers exist at the core of EV’s customized, holistic programs for energy access, socioeconomic infrastructure, and overall empowerment. They are the physical manifestations of prosperity and community ownership, their spaces reflecting the local culture while being sensitive to the ecological balance.

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