Our Mission

We are passionate about holistic and sustainable community development. The objective of our organization is to empower, train, and build up the people we work with. We hope to someday see Villages around the world become self-sufficient, peaceful, and innovative models of excellence. Empowering Villages provides opportunities in employment, education, and healthy built environments by implementing renewable energy technologies and sustainable infrastructure in rural areas of the developing world. We care about capacity-building and encouraging healthy livelihood for all. Our educational programmes bring libraries and learning centres to families who lack access to these facilities, which are often linked to a renewable energy grid. We work with locals to determine their economic and social needs and then design spaces that cater to these needs, such as industrial parks, community centres and commercial facilities. Through this empowerment we aim to create sustainable partnerships.


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KG632 #1 Rugando, Kigali, Rwanda

1121 Chimney Hill Way, Ottawa,

ON, Canada K1J8Z7

Corporation #: 1155130-2

2019 Empowering Villages